When You Feel Like a Failure

I started this site to chronicle my weight loss journey and to share tips on fashion and fitness.  Unfortunately, since I’ve experienced more of a weight gain journey, I’ve been hesitant to post.  Really, who wants to hear “I gained another pound this week” or “I had to buy new pants because my other ones are too small.” ?  The truth is that things have been difficult lately.  It’s nothing major or horrible, it’s just life…and sometimes life is hard.  And when life is hard, the thought of losing weight is overwhelming.  And when I’m not actively working hard to lose weight, I seem to gain weight. And when I gain weight, I feel like a failure.

In my mind, I know that the number on the scale is in no way tied to my value as a person, but my mind and my feelings aren’t always on the same page.

I’ve made the realization that I’m only a failure if I refuse to try… if I give up and throw in the towel and refuse to give it one more shot…or ten more shots.

So today, I choose to be courageous.  I choose to continue to post even though I’m not making the progress I hoped to make.  I choose to make the positive changes I need to make to lose weight.  I choose to be vulnerable in sharing my feelings, and in doing so, I hope I can encourage one of you to be courageous as well.  I hope I can encourage you to continue even when it’s hard and it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it.

On those days when you feel like you’re a failure, please know that YOU ARE NOT.  You are valuable and loved.  You are not defined by your circumstances or your weight.  The Creator of the Universe made you in HIS image and He loves you more than you can imagine.

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