Weight Loss Incentives

I’ve decided that it’s time to up my weight loss game and so I’ve been pondering weight loss incentives. While I like the idea of massages and pedicures, I really like the idea of cold hard cash! :)

financial incentives

Six years ago, I started this blog as a place to share plus size fashion tips and to chronicle my weight loss journey.  While I’ve shared lots of plus size outfits along the way, my weight loss journey hasn’t been much of a journey.  I’m pretty sure I weigh within 5 pounds of what I weighed when I started.

I’ve been sporadic in sharing.  When I’m losing weight, I’m happy to post my Weight Loss Wednesday posts, but when I gain it all back, I’m not quite as motivated. At the beginning of January, I made the decision that this is my year to lose 100 pounds.  And while I’ve lost 10 pounds so far this year, I figured I’d be even more disciplined if I had a financial incentive. Here are the financial weight loss incentives that I’m giving myself to keep me on the right track.

Weight Loss Incentives

$10 – Each Weight Loss Wednesday Post (Online accountability is crucial)
$5 – Every Pound Lost
$2 – 30+ workout DVD
$1 - Run 1 mile
$.50 – Walk 1 mile
$.25 – Bike 1 mile

I’ll keep a running total at the end of each post.  I’m not going to allow myself to take any money out of my weight loss jar until I’ve lost at least 50 pounds.  And if I reach my goal of 100 pounds before the end of 2017, I’m going to give myself a little something extra (which I haven’t figured out yet).

Weight Loss Wednesday

Weight Loss Progress

Starting Weight (1/1/2017): 256.8
Current Weight: 246.2

Pounds Lost This Week: 2
Total Pounds Lost This Year: 10
Exercise This Week: Walked 5 miles

Money Added To The Jar This Week: $12.50
Total Money In The Jar: $75.00

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