A New Weight Loss Diet Plan For Me

I was planning on sharing my weight yesterday for Weight Loss Wednesday, but as I started to type I felt like I needed to do more than just share my weight.  I wanted to share my story and how I’ve gotten to where I am right now.  As I looked back at my weight for the last 4 years, I realized that I’ve been losing and gaining the same 15 pounds…over and over and over again, so I’m thrilled to find a weight loss diet plan for me that actually works.

Here’s a little of the back story…

Five years ago, I weighed the lowest I’ve weighed since high school.  I was running daily, eating healthy and life was great! While I wasn’t quite at my goal weight, I was thrilled with the weight I was at and would have happily stayed at that weight!


Unfortunately, just a few months after this picture was taken, I woke up in the middle of the night with vertigo…and over the next few weeks, it got worse.  For 8 months, I lived with debilitating vertigo that didn’t allow me to do much at all. Those were some of the most difficult months of my life.

During those 8 months, I spent thousands of dollars on specialists and treatments and gained 104 pounds.  Crazy, huh?

The good news is I finally found a specialist outside of Boston who was able to fix my vertigo.  I sobbed in his office when he told me he thought he could help me.  And over the next few weeks as symptoms went away, I figured my life would go back to normal.  I figured once I was up and around and exercising the weight would fall off…but it didn’t.

That first year, I exercised regularly and ate healthy and lost 27 pounds.  And for the last 4 years, I’ve lost and gained the same 15 pounds over and over and over again.  I’ve tried every diet plan under the sun.  I’ve exercises regularly. And nada!

In July, I celebrated my 40th birthday and also celebrated 5 years without vertigo.  I wondered how it could be that I still had so much weight to lose.  I finally decided enough was enough and decided to try a customized weight loss diet plan for myself!

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Me

A chiropractor in our area runs a program called Vilulu which is a weight loss program.  The program starts off with a scan of your body that checks thousands of biomarkers.  The scan is able to give you your metabolic age and also tell you what nutrients may be lacking in your system and can also check things like thyroid health, adrenal health and hormones.

My scan showed that I am a hot mess! I have a metabolic age of 89!  I’m practically dead metabolically!  I also found out that my hormones, thyroid, and adrenals are not working the way they should.

I started the program which includes supplementation as well as an eating plan.  And I am at the lowest weight I’ve been at in 4 years.

Today I weighed 230.6.

I am thrilled that the weight is finally coming off!  The program is a 40 day program and I am on day 12!  I’m hoping that by getting my hormones, thyroid, and adrenal back into working order that my metabolism will go back to normal…or even better than normal.  The metabolism of a 40 year old isn’t great, but it sure beats having the metabolism of an 89 year old!

I’ll be sharing more over the next few weeks!

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  1. Missy says

    I stumbled upon this blog by accident…I’m taking it as a perfect accident. I’ve had debilitating vertigo since June and after numerous doctors, an MRI, and visits to specialists, I finally have a name for my illness. I”ve been diagnosed with Meneire’s Disease. No fun. It’s chronic and it sucks. I, too, gained so much weight over these past few months because I was unable to do much of anything. I’m on the tailend of this latest episode and hopefully I can begin some sort of exercise program. Vilulu sounds very interesting. I’m definitely going to research it more and hopefully find someone near me who offers the program.
    Thanks for sharing! I wish you success on your weight loss and an end to your vertigo.

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