Valentino Handbag Sale {Still Out of My Price Range}

Last week, I headed down to Indy for a Blogger Roundtable with Indian Lt. Governor Becky Skillman.  I planned a little extra travel time so that I could stop at the mall while I was there.  I absolutely love Nordstrom {and although I can usually only afford Nordstrom Rack) that doesn’t stop me from looking.

I’ve been looking for the perfect red purse since October and so I was delighted when I finally saw it.  {cue movie music}  It was perfect.  My eyes locked onto it from across the store…and in slow motion, I made my way across the store to where it hung in all its perfection.  It was Valentino…and it didn’t have a price tag!  I planned to look it up later that night when I got home and I was astonished to find that the bag cost $3995.  {That movie music came screeching to a halt when I saw that price tag}.

Anyway…I was delighted to find that Modnique is running a sale on Valentino Bags.  If you’re budget is bigger than mine, they have some gorgeous bags and even if you just like to get ideas, this is the place to do it!  Valentino bags are absolutely exquisite!!!

Click here to check out today’s Modnique Sales! You’ll also get a free $5 credit just for signing up!

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