Project 36 Update: 37 Days Left

When I kicked off Project 36, I had no doubt in my mind that I would and could accomplish everything on my list. I knew some of the items on my list would be a stretch, but I needed a good challenge. I had no idea that our life was going to drastically change this year and that my time, my efforts, and most of my energy would be spent on the 2 new additions to our family. It seems like everything has fallen to the wayside since we added the twins to our family and now that life is moving along at a less chaotic pace (and also now that we’re only 37 days away from my 37th birthday), I thought I’d check in to see how I’m doing with Project 36.

1. Make my bed 36 days in a row.
2. Walk or walk/jog for at least 36 minutes, 36 days in a row.
3. Go on 36 dates with my hubby.
4. Make a realistic to-do list and accomplish it 36 days.
5. Do 36 fun things with my family.
6. Take 36 good pictures of my daughter Amina.
7. Take 36 good pictures of my daughter Khrystyna.
8. Take 36 good pictures of my husband Fred.
9. Get family photos taken before I’m no longer 36. :)
10. Do T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus 36 times.
11. Do T-Tapp Total Workout 36 times.
12. Do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 36 times.
13. Try 36 new recipes.
14. Memorize 36 Bible Verses.
15. Make a 36 day menu plan.
16. Do 36 days of C25K. (This will allow me to repeat weeks if necessary).
17. Do 36 consecutive days of clean eating. (no gluten or sugar)
18. Complete a 5k in under 36 minutes.
19. Do 36 consecutive days of at least 36 minutes of exercise.
20. Lose 36 pounds.
21. Lose another 36 pounds.
22. Lose yet another 36 pounds.
23. Read 36 books. (At least 10 of these were Chautona Havig books. I seriously love her writing!)
24. Jog 36 miles in 1 week.
25. Do 36 Random Acts of Kindness.
26. Send 36 Snail Mail Cards.
27. Do 36 “man pushups” in a row.
28. Take 36 walks with friends.
29. Play piano for 36 minutes on 36 days.
30. Get rid of 36 pieces of clothing (and socks don’t count).
31. Do 36 craft projects.
32. Save an extra $3600.
33. Take at least 36 pictures of myself in various outfits as I lose weight.
34. Call, write, or visit with my grandma 36 times.
35. Watch 36 hours of TV or movies (I don’t watch TV and I rarely watch movies, but I thought this would be a good way to unwind).
36. Spend 36 minutes doing non-blog writing on 36 different days.

As I looked through the list, I was shocked to see that I’ve only completed 4 of the 36 items. I think that if I really go after it for the next 37 days, I can accomplish 21 more of these goals. While I had hoped for a 36 out of 36 (A+), it looks like I’ll end up with 25 out of 36 (69% D).

While this may not seem that impressive, I realized that if I accomplish these 25 things I will have done the following:

  • Made my bed 36 days in a row
  • Walked 1300 minutes in 36 days
  • Gone on 36 dates with my hubby
  • Had 36 fun experiences with my family
  • Taken 108 good pictures of people in my family plus taken 36 pictures of myself.
  • Had family photos taken (even though I’m not at my goal weight)
  • Completed T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus 36 times
  • Completed Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred 36 times
  • Completed 36 Days of C25K
  • Completed 36 consecutive days of exercising at least 36 minutes
  • Made a 36 day menu plan
  • Read over 50 books
  • Made 36 peoples day with snail mail
  • Downsized my closet by 36 pieces of clothing (easy to do when you lose that much weight)
  • Enjoyed 36 consecutive days of Body by Vi Shakes
  • Lost Over 60 Pounds

So here’s to the next 37 days! I’m going to be a busy girl, but I’m looking forward to being able to say that I accomplished these things!

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