Project 36: An Update

So it’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I started Project 36…a project to improve my life over the next year! The progress has been slow but sure…at least in some areas! Here are the things I’ve tackled so far! (For a full list of my goals, click here).

Make my bed 36 days in a row

I made my bed 12 days in a row…and then I slacked off for 2 days, but I’m back on track and have started over with 2 days under my belt.

Go on 36 dates with my hubby

I’ve gone on 4 dates with my hubby. At this rate, I could probably get in 100 dates with my hubby this year…wouldn’t that be awesome!

Do 36 fun things with my family

While I haven’t done fun things with my whole family, my daughters and I have done 3 different girls movie nights where we watched fun chick flicks!

Do T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus 36 times

I’ve done 8 T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus workouts!

Try 36 new recipes

I made 2 new recipes! I made Pecan Crusted Salmon and then I used that recipe to make a variation and did Pecan Crusted Chicken a few nights later.  Both were quite tasty!

Lose 36 pounds

So if you checked out my original list, you may have seen that I have lose 36 pounds on my list 3 times in a row.  While I’d love to lose over 100 pounds, that number is a little too overwhelming at this point, so I’ve broken down into 36 pounds 3 times…plus that fits better with my 36 theme.  Anyway, I digress.  So far I’ve lost 4 1/2 pounds.  While that’s not a huge number, it’s at least a step in the right direction! And it’s much better than gaining 4 pounds!

Read 36 books

If audio books count, then I’ve tackled 3 books this year.

Call, write, or visit with my grandma 36 times

When I wrote this, my goal was to be much more intentional about spending time with my grandma.  In the last 2 1/2 weeks, I’ve seen my grandma 3 different times.  I’ve taken her to a doctor’s appointment and the airport.

Watch 36 hours of TV or movies

My 3 nights of chick flicks with my kiddos has definitely helped with this goal. I have 5 hours of movie watching in! :)

So that’s my progress with my goals! What goals are you working toward accomplishing?

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