Plus Size Outfit of the Day – Floral Bottoms for Spring

For today’s post, I started with one of my favorite Modcloth blouses, the Pam Breeze-ly. This is such a great top! It can be worn with leggings since it is longer or with pants like these floral pixie pants from Old Navy.

I love floral printed pants! It is a bold statement to make but when you pair it with more toned down pieces, it can be really elegant and chic. I added to this look these great sandals and a striped tote from Noonday.

2.26 OOTD

Here are the apparel and accessory items that I used to create this chic look and you can click here to see all of the Plus Size Outfits of the Day.

  1. Pam Breeze-ly Blouse (Modcloth) – $34.99
  2. Pixie Chino Pants (Old Navy) – $40.00
  3. Mia Barricade Huarache Flats (Macy’s) – $39.00
  4. Lines and Stripes Catch All Tote (Noonday) – $142.00
  5. Tushabe Necklace (Noonday) – $84.00

Kimberly Morgan is our Outfit of the Day contributor at Flabby Fashionista. She is a work-from-home mom who loves fashion and believes that a pair of great shoes can fix almost any bad day! Check out her website, Homemaking Expert, for more great fashion and beauty tips.

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