Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size Fashion OOTD Post

If you’re looking for Plus Size Fashion, you’ve come to the right place!!!  My name is Lisa aka Flabby Fashionista! I regularly hear from women who find it challenging to find fashionable plus size clothes! They struggle with putting outfits together, feeling confident in the clothes they choose, and accessorizing.  They wonder if it’s true that you should only wear black once you’re over a certain size.

Stop Wondering What You Should Wear

The truth is that many women secretly wish they could revamp their wardrobe and find clothes that are flattering to their body, but they simply don’t know how. More to the point, they might not have the confidence to run out to the store and buy a bunch of clothes that are going to look good on them.  Part of the problem is that women have bought into the lie that unless they wear a certain size or are in an ideal weight range, they won’t look good in their clothes.

I’m here to tell you that your options are limitless when it comes to Plus Size Fashion!  There are a great number of stores to choose from, styles to choose from, and colors to choose from!  I’ll help you figure out how to mix and match prints, how to find clothes that fit and flatter, and how to accessorize!

You don’t have to wait til you lose that 10 pounds…or 100 pounds.  You can look fabulous now!!!  I can’t wait to share plus size fashion tips, styles, and outfits. I’ll also be sharing beauty tips, fitness tips, and fun products I find along the way!

Real Outfits for Real Women

For over a year, I’ve regularly shared Plus Size Outfits with you. I’m also going to share real outfits that I wear on a regular basis. You’ll see how easy it is to put together outfits that will make you feel good about yourself. I have lots of exciting things planned for and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

If you have questions or topics you’d like to see covered, please send me an email!