I’m Kicking My Soda Habit

Light soda with light-field lighting

I told you that I was starting over this week and today is the 1st day.  Although I have many areas that are out of control, the one that is hardest for me to get under control is my soda drinking habit….so I’m going to tackle that first.

There is nothing I like to drink more than a cold fizzy soda.  I sometimes refer to a cold glass of Coke as the nectar of the gods.  I seriously like it that much.

But as of today, I’m getting rid of my Coke drinking habit.  In order to avoid a major caffeine headache, I’ll be drinking lots of tea over the next few days and I’ll eventually ween myself off of tea so that water is my beverage of choice.

So that’s my plan!  I’m hoping to kick my soda habit once and for all!

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