Hair Care Tips For Winter Weather

I don’t know about you, but in the winter with the dry air, my hair really suffers.  These hair care tips for winter weather are just what you need to make sure your hair is still luxurious and shiny despite the winter weather and crisp cold air around.

Our Hair Care Tips For Winter Weather are sure to leave you with gorgeous sleek styles!  These tips are perfect for any hair style, color or texture!

Hair Care Tips For Winter Weather

Skip days between washings.  One of the best hair care tips is to limit the number of times you wash your hair per week.  Yes, I do understand that many people have oily skin and scalps so it may feel super dirty at first, but after a couple of weeks of skipping 2-3 days between washing, this will regulate.  The result is healthier hair that is not being stripped of natural oils every day.  It also makes your daily beauty routine faster and easier to manage.

If you can’t stand it between washing, an occasional use of dry shampoo is okay to do, but not on a daily or extended period basis.  Dry shampoo is great for the occasional use but is not recommended for us more than a few times a week at most.

Invest in quality hair care products.  Budgets often mean you skip the quality on things like shampoo, conditioner, and even hair spray or gel.  This isn’t great for your hair, and in the long run isn’t great for your budget.  Do your research and test out different brands, but pick quality at a reasonable price instead of grabbing the cheapest product available.  Most stylists can give recommendations of the better brands found in your discount stores, or a quality brand they have in the salon.

Do regular deep conditioning. I recall the days of using hot oil treatments being the normal Saturday night event.  While they are still a great choice, I much prefer using Argan Oil treatments or just a leave in deep conditioner during my shower.  A regular deep conditioner will help prevent and eliminate split ends and give your hair that nourishment it needs during the cooler winter months.

Limit use of heat and styling products.   We all love the fun beachy waves that curling wands create, or perhaps you have super curly hair and you straighten it regularly.  The thing is, all of that heat and those products can do some damage to your hair.  This is one of the most important hair care tips to remember.  Limit the use of heat and styling products.  Not just in winter, but always.  Styling can damage your hair and create more split ends leaving it look dull and lifeless.  Using products only on occasion is the best way to go. If you must use hot tools regularly, use a product like Pillow Proof to reduce your blow drying time and protect your hair from the heat!

These hair care tips for winter weather are perfect for making sure your hair still looks amazing no matter what the temperature happens to be outside.

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