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This post brought to you by Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I'm pretty adenturous when it comes to the way I dress.  I love funky prints and bright colors.  I'm always on the lookout for a killer pair of heels.  

I'm also willing to experiment with my hair.  It's been long. It's been short.  It's been brown, blonde, and red.  

The one thing where I'm hesitant to experiment with is my makeup.  I'm not sure why that is.  I tend to go for an extremely natural look and I very rarely try new products.  I like the products that I use, so in my mind, there's no need to try anything new.

My teenage daughters see things a little differently.  They're always encouraging me to try new colors and to update my look.

With that in mind, when I was asked to take the Revlon Expression Experiment, I jumped at the chance.  I figured I could use a change.  

I was pretty delighted when I received my box of goodies.  It included lipsticknail polisheye shadow, and makeup primer.  

Since I tend to be a less is more kind of girl, makeup primer just seemed like an unneccesary extra step.  I decided to give it a try anyway and I was shocked at how great it made my skin look.  Seriously!  As you can see from the above photo of primer, the nail polish needs to be my next step! :-) 

I also decided to go one step further and try the red lipstick they sent me. I really expected a crazy red that would leave my lips feeling dry, but was delighted that the lipstick went on smoothly.  The color wasn't too dark (although if I put more on the color was a lot darker).  I was shocked that it actually looked good on me.  It added a little pop and made me feel like a diva.

And since my lips are quite small, the little extra pop of color was helpful!  

I'm so glad I decided to take the Revelon Expression Experiment.  I'm completely delighted with the new products I've discovered!


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