Dressember: Day 4 {Plus Sized Outfit of the Day}

Today is Day 4 of Dressember. This has been such a busy month that I haven’t had the time to stage my pictures…I just pause in the middle of the craziness and get one of my kids to snap a picture. I started the day with my hair and makeup done, but after some craziness at work this morning and then doing a zillion other things, my hair style was non-existent so I threw it back into a low ponytail and my makeup was pretty much a goner (which is why I look like I have no lips).

Dressember Day 4


The dress I’m wearing is one of my favorites.  I picked it up on the clearance rack at the Lane Bryant Outlet a few months ago for $10.  It’s super comfortable to wear and I love that it came with a cute little belt.  The shoes I’m wearing are probably the shoes I wear most frequently when not wearing my Ariat boots.  They’re made by Cole Haan and they are the Air Tali Lace Wedge.  I wish I they had these available in more colors.  They have the Nike Air technology and so they look like a dress shoe but feel like a sneaker!

I decided to mix up my accessories a little today and I wore a necklace!  Not just any necklace though…this one is an essential oil diffusing necklace!

Essential Oil Diffusing Necklace

I also am wearing these Ombre Prism earrings again from Noonday Collection.

Noonday Ombre Prism Earrings


I totally forget to take off my Vivosmart exercise and sleep tracking before this picture was taken so you get to see that too! :)

If you’d like to learn more about Dressember and how you can help change the world that millions of abused women and girls wake up to every morning, click here!  I’d love it if you’d join me in the fight for the restoration of dignity for all women!


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