5 Ways to Hide or Cover Roots Between Salon Appointments

Hair dye can allow us to embrace the color we’ve always wanted. It even allows us to try something new and daring. The only problem is when we get busy and those dreaded roots start to show. If you don’t have time to visit the salon, or dye your hair at home, there are ways to cover roots between dye jobs.
Cover Roots Between Dye Jobs with These Tips!


Tips to Cover Roots

1. Wear Headbands

A wide headband is a cute way to cover roots between dye jobs. The best part is you’ll look super cute. Try keeping several different headbands on hand so that you can rock a cute look to hide those roots. You can also tie a scarf in a cute way or use a bandanna. Regardless of what you use, this is an easy way to hide your roots.

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2. Change the Part of Your Hair

Another easy way to cover roots is to simply change the way you part your hair. If your hair naturally parts down the center, try brushing your hair over and to the side to hide the roots. People will simply think you’re trying a new style.  A zig-zag part is also great at hiding roots.

3. Use a Color Powder

You can find color powders in most drugstores that will hide your roots. You want to make sure to match your color as closely as possible. You also want to follow the directions carefully so that you don’t end up with a messy scalp. One last tip… Don’t try this on a rainy day. And if you do, use an umbrella!

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 4. Cover the Area with a Spray

If you don’t want to use the powder, use a spray. There are some really good sprays on the market that will allow you to cover your roots in a matter of seconds. Again, you want to be careful so that you don’t end up with a lot of dye on your scalp.

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5. Make a Fashion Statement

Last, but not least, embrace a fun fashion statement. I love wearing hats and they’re my go-to when my roots get bad!  Most people think I’m being fashionable, but often, my hats my dirty little secret…my roots!

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People don’t have to know you dye your hair. Even when you’re short on time, you can cover your roots in between dye jobs. This allows you to make an appointment at the salon when you have time without anyone being the wiser. Best of all, some of these tips are super cute.


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