Confession Time: The Day I Tell The World How Much I Weigh

I am bound and determined to reach my healthy weight/healthy size goals in the next 12 months (and I’d be thrilled if I could do it before my 39th birthday in July), but if I’m going to do this, I’m going to need some serious accountability.

When the idea to post my actual weight first popped in my head, I immediately rejected it because I really don’t want everyone anyone knowing how much I weigh.  The idea kept popping back into my mind and I finally decided this may just be the extra motivation I need.

I’m still playing around with the idea and trying to decide what day I want to be my official “weigh-in day”, but I thought I’d at least throw the number out there today before I chicken out.  Because once the number is out there, it can only get better, right?  If my goal is to lose weight, then theoretically, every number I post from here on out will be lower (I hope).

Ok…enough hemming and hawing!  My weigh-in weight this morning was 234.0 pounds. I have some mini-goals along the way, but my ultimate goal is to weigh 159.8.  My highest weight was 277, so if I can when I get down to 159.8 I’ll have lost over 110 pounds!

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    You can do it!!! I am so happy for you. Losing weight has got to be one of the hardest things to do. Mostly because of how mental it is. Proud of you, can’t wait to see you reach your goals. :)

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