What I Wore Wednesday {The Mustache Edition}

I have been horrible about taking pictures of what I've been wearing, but this week I wore something a little different, so I took a picture! :)  If you can't wear something fabulous, you can draw attention away from your outfit with this fabulous accessory! I originally got these mustaches for a craft project, but they are absolutely delightful to wear.  We even shared some mustaches with the … [Read more...]

What I’ve Been Wearing

Last week I promised I'd share a little more about what I'm wearing, so I took a few pictures of what I've worn so far this week.  I really need to find a better spot to take pictures.  I'll try to work on that this week! :-) Black Pants: Nordstrom Rack Black Ruffled Tank: Nordstrom Rack Lime Green Sweater: Gap Shoes: Cole Haan Hair Flower: Made it myself! Black Pants: Macy's Black Tee: … [Read more...]

What I Wore {The I’m In Hawaii Edition}

So I've decided to start posting what I wear each week. I'm hoping it will help me be a little more creative with what I wear AND it will help me better document my weight loss.  Oh yeah...and I'll get to show off the clothes I love. This week, I'm in Hawaii so there will be more bathing suit pictures this week than what you'll normally see! :-)  Two years ago, I never would have imagined that … [Read more...]