How To Lose 10 Pounds {10 Easy Tips To Help You Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind}

For the last 5 years, my goals have included losing 100 pounds...and for the last 5 years I lost and gained the same few pounds over and over again.  I finally decided enough was enough.  This year, while my goal is still to lose 100 pounds, I broke it up into 10 pound goals. And so far this year, I've lost almost 50 pounds! If you're like me, you’ll have better results if you attack your weight … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Incentives

I've decided that it's time to up my weight loss game and so I've been pondering weight loss incentives. While I like the idea of massages and pedicures, I really like the idea of cold hard cash! :) Six years ago, I started this blog as a place to share plus size fashion tips and to chronicle my weight loss journey.  While I've shared lots of plus size outfits along the way, my weight loss … [Read more...]

Christmas Shape Up 30 Day Workout Challenge

Christmas will be here before you know it...and then it will be a brand new year! Rather than waiting til the New Year starts, consider joining me for the Christmas Shape Up 30 Day Workout Challenge this year!  I have created two great printable options to help you focus on your health between now and January 1st (although you can use them all year long).  One of the best ways to stay on top of … [Read more...]

A New Weight Loss Diet Plan For Me

I was planning on sharing my weight yesterday for Weight Loss Wednesday, but as I started to type I felt like I needed to do more than just share my weight.  I wanted to share my story and how I've gotten to where I am right now.  As I looked back at my weight for the last 4 years, I realized that I've been losing and gaining the same 15 pounds...over and over and over again, so I'm thrilled to … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday: June 1, 2016

This past week has been crazy...and I'm not talking about the normal crazy that is my life.  On Thursday, I drove to Kansas City and encountered not 1 tornado, but 2 along the way.  By the time I got 30 minutes outside of Kansas City, the weather was absolutely horrible and they were predicting more tornados and flash flooding overnight, so my husband and I decided I'd be safer to turn around and … [Read more...]