What I’ve Been Wearing

Last week I promised I'd share a little more about what I'm wearing, so I took a few pictures of what I've worn so far this week.  I really need to find a better spot to take pictures.  I'll try to work on that this week! :-) Black Pants: Nordstrom Rack Black Ruffled Tank: Nordstrom Rack Lime Green Sweater: Gap Shoes: Cole Haan Hair Flower: Made it myself! Black Pants: Macy's Black Tee: … [Read more...]

Enough With the Flabby, Let’s Get to the Fashionista

Most of my posts in the last 2 months have been focused on weight loss, but I think it's time to start talking more about fashion.  More specifically...Plus Size Fashion! In the past 5 years, my weight and size has been all over the map.  I've worn everything from a 12 to a 24. While it's much easier to find cute clothes when you're a size 12, it's possible to look like a million bucks at any … [Read more...]

More Flabby, Less Fashionista

Random thought of the day... This blog is called Flabby Fashionista and unfortunately I've recently become more flabby and less fashionista.  I'm totally in a fashion rut...and not by choice. I've been pretty much living in sweater dresses and leggings...and the dress pictured above when it's warmer out (thankfully, it doesn't get warm here very often cause it would be weird to wear the same … [Read more...]

My Favorite Curvy Hollywood Diva Dishes on Life, Fashion and Her Upcoming Movie

Today I'm bringing you Fashion Tips from my favorite curvy diva...Miss Piggy!  She is hands down my favorite Hollywood star and if my life ever gets turned into a movie, I'd be pretty thrilled if Miss Piggy played me! Here's a recent interview with Miss Piggy about life, love, fashion and her upcoming movie! What is Disney’s “The Muppets” about? It’s moi’s story, of course. It’s about … [Read more...]