10 Beauty Must Haves For Winter Skin Care

I am always looking for those top must have items for my beauty bag, and this list has the best of the best for winter skin care.  With cold weather, tons of hand washing to kill germs, and winter wind often leaving skin chapped and dry, these are definitely a must for everyone. 10 Beauty Must Haves For Winter Skin Care Coconut Oil:  While there are many particular products out there I … [Read more...]

Hair Care Tips For Winter Weather

I don't know about you, but in the winter with the dry air, my hair really suffers.  These hair care tips for winter weather are just what you need to make sure your hair is still luxurious and shiny despite the winter weather and crisp cold air around. Hair Care Tips For Winter Weather Skip days between washings.  One of the best hair care tips is to limit the number of times you wash your … [Read more...]

What’s In My MakeUp Bag {October}

I have a serious obsession with beauty products!  I love them! I love seeing what my friends are using. I love seeing what celebrities are using. I love trying new products.  Whenever I get a new issues of US Weekly, the first thing I look at is the What's In My Bag section.  If you've never checked out What's In My Bag in US Weekly, they share what's in a celebrity's purse.  I have a seriously … [Read more...]

Natural Anti-Aging Cream With Basil

One of my favorite homemade beauty products is this Natural Anti-Aging Cream with Basil Essential Oil.  I love the idea of using an anti-aging cream on my face to help with those little fine lines around my eyes and mouth.  Even though I know that these are part of the aging process, it never hurts to use something to moisturize and gain some benefits to help slow down that aging … [Read more...]

Homemade Natural Best Cellulite Cream

The best cellulite cream you'll ever try is this great homemade natural version.  We all know that cellulite is something that happens to almost everyone, but on bigger women, it is much more noticeable.  This super easy homemade cellulite cream is a great option for helping you smooth the dimples on your skin. Homemade Natural Best Cellulite Cream I am a huge fan of homemade and natural … [Read more...]