3 Days Down, 5 Pounds Gone

Ok….so I have to tell you I am absolutely loving the Body by Vi Challenge.  I’m 3 days in and I’ve already lost 5 pounds.

Since I’ve been consistently gaining weight for the last 3 months, I’m thrilled to see the scale finally moving in the opposite direction.

I’ve been having 2 shakes a day, 1 meal, and 1 not-so-healthy snack.  I’m planning on getting better about the not-so-healthy snacks, but for some reason when the weather is warm, all I want to do is eat those chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches which have a zillion calories and grams of fat.  Oh well, I’ve eaten 2 this week and I’ve still lost weight.  Quite miraculous!

I need to start experimenting a little more with shakes.  I’ve pretty much been having my shake mix in almond milk with either frozen peaches or frozen strawberries.  I finally went out and bought a bag of ice last night so I can try some other varieties.  I’m planning on making an orange creamsicle shake for lunch today.

I can’t wait to get even further along in the challenge.  I’m pretty sure that once I get back to some hard core exercising I’ll see some major results!

It’s not too late to join the challenge.  You can start at anytime, but the sooner the start, the sooner you’ll be looking your best!

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