Weight Loss Wednesday: Christmas Eve

Yesterday I was listening to the radio while I was driving and they were discussing the average American's weight gain during the holiday season.  They said most Americans gain between 5 and 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and  New Years Day.  While I have been that American so many other years, I'm thrilled to say that the scale is still moving in the right direction.  I'm on vacation and we've … [Read more...]

Confession Time: The Day I Tell The World How Much I Weigh

I am bound and determined to reach my healthy weight/healthy size goals in the next 12 months (and I'd be thrilled if I could do it before my 39th birthday in July), but if I'm going to do this, I'm going to need some serious accountability. When the idea to post my actual weight first popped in my head, I immediately rejected it because I really don't want everyone anyone knowing how much I … [Read more...]

Wide Calf Boot Sale PLUS Guaranteed Christmas Delivery

I love me some boots...especially at this time of year.  I literally wear boots every single day!  For many plus size women, finding boots that fit is a tricky thing...and when you do find them, they cost you an arm and a leg! Today, Zulily is running a Wide Calf Boots sale.  Plus, they guarantee that they'll be delivered by Christmas!  They have lots of cute styles to choose from! Click here … [Read more...]