Weight Loss Wednesday

It's amazing what happens when I get super disciplined and cut out everything I shouldn't be eating. This week I'm down another 4 pounds. That's extra awesome considering that I had dinner Sunday night at Cheesecake Factory and had lunch yesterday at a restaurant in Michigan called Schulers. It's easier for me to be disciplined when I'm at home and I tend to make not-so-good choices when I'm … [Read more...]

This Fashionista is Coming Back to Life

So I gave you a Flabby update on Wednesday, but I thought a Fashionista update was a good idea as well.  Since I've been gaining rather than losing, I'm at the point where I hardly have any clothes that fit...and I have been refusing to spend money on clothes that are not the size I want to be.  {Ever been there? It's NOT a fun place to be.} So I've been wearing the same tired old dresses, … [Read more...]

When You Feel Like a Failure

I started this site to chronicle my weight loss journey and to share tips on fashion and fitness.  Unfortunately, since I've experienced more of a weight gain journey, I've been hesitant to post.  Really, who wants to hear "I gained another pound this week" or "I had to buy new pants because my other ones are too small." ?  The truth is that things have been difficult lately.  It's nothing major … [Read more...]