How to Lose 25 Pounds Quickly

Have you ever said "I desperately need to lose 25 pounds?" I have.  I'm heading to New Orleans next week.  Thanksgiving is in 3 1/2 weeks.  Christmas is in 8 weeks.  My brother is getting married in 9 1/2 weeks. In other words, lots of big events in which lots of pictures will be taken! Many of my friends are hoping to lose weight before Christmas concerts, corporate holiday events, … [Read more...]

Bring It On Bob Harper! #Mamavation

Last year during BlogHer 2011 in San Diego, I had the privilege of getting my butt kicked by working out with Bob Harper. The view was amazing, the workout was intense, and the experience was unforgettable! I'm getting ready to start working out with Bob again, but this time it won't be in person.  I'm taking part in the Mamavation Two Week Challenge with Bob Harper starting on October 29. Each … [Read more...]

Getting Back to Comfortable…

I've discovered something interesting about myself over the last few months.  There are sizes that I'm thrilled to be in, sizes that I feel comfortable in, and sizes where I hate to even think about the way I look.  When I get to the "hate to even think about the way I look" stage, I tend to avoid photos.  {I'm currently in this stage} Last year, after lots of hard work and discipline, I looked … [Read more...]

Express Yourself with #Revlon

This post brought to you by Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.   I'm pretty adenturous when it comes to the way I dress.  I love funky prints and bright colors.  I'm always on the lookout for a killer pair of heels.   I'm also willing to experiment with my hair.  It's been long. It's been short.  It's been brown, blonde, and … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion Sale at Zulily

I'm always on the lookout for deals on Plus Size clothing, so I was delighted to see this Style Vibe Sale over at Zulily. From billowing tops to bright, bold bottoms and figure-framing dresses, this collection has the pieces that help make a memorable entrance. From casual to elegant, these are the separates you'll want to wear again and again. Although I'm not in love with everything on … [Read more...]