Do Not Stop {Motivation Monday}

Sometimes I get caught up in the myth that if I'm not losing weight quickly, I'm not losing weight at all.  It's not true, but sometimes I let my feelings get the best of me!  In reality, it doesn't matter how slow I'm losing, as long as I continue to lose.  Even if I only lose .5 pounds a week, I'll still be 26 pounds thinner at the end of a year! Remember, it doesn't matter how slowly you go … [Read more...]

Project 36: An Update

So it's been 2 1/2 weeks since I started Project 36...a project to improve my life over the next year! The progress has been slow but least in some areas! Here are the things I've tackled so far! (For a full list of my goals, click here). Make my bed 36 days in a row I made my bed 12 days in a row...and then I slacked off for 2 days, but I'm back on track and have started over … [Read more...]