More Flabby, Less Fashionista

Random thought of the day... This blog is called Flabby Fashionista and unfortunately I've recently become more flabby and less fashionista.  I'm totally in a fashion rut...and not by choice. I've been pretty much living in sweater dresses and leggings...and the dress pictured above when it's warmer out (thankfully, it doesn't get warm here very often cause it would be weird to wear the same … [Read more...]

Fat is a Feeling

I apologize up front that this is a long post.  In the future, I'll try not to bottle up 3 months worth of emotions and happenings and then dump them out to you in 1 really long post. It's funny frustrating how easy it is to let the way I feel about myself be determined by the size of my pants.  And while I'm not happy with the way I look right now, I've realized something important.  Fat isn't … [Read more...]