The GI Diet Explained

Today I'm sharing a diet that I have absolutely no personal experience with.  It's called the The G.I. Diet. This diet was developed by a Frenchman named Michel Montignac.  It was originally called the Montignac diet and was quite popular in the 1990s in Europe.   Montignac struggled with his own weight and started doing research, trying to figure out exactly why people gain weight. His … [Read more...]

The Atkins Diet Explained

The diet plan I'm highlighting today is another diet that I'm a big fan of although I know that in some circles it's frowned upon.  This is another diet that I remember hearing about long ago when one of my relatives lost a bunch of weight.  In my extended family, this is still the "go-to" diet for people who are looking to lose a few pounds. Dr. Robert Atkins, MD, proposed a view that bears … [Read more...]

Looking for Jeans That Fit Well? Consider Custom Made Jeans!

Every woman, short or tall, skinny or voluptuous, deserves jeans that fit like a dream.  When I'm close to my ideal weight, I don't have problems finding jeans, but for some reason as soon as I venture into plus sizes, finding jeans that fit well is impossible. And while many people lament trying on bathing suits, I think trying on jeans can be just as demoralizing.  Let's face can … [Read more...]

The Dukan Diet Explained

Today I'm going to be highlighting a diet that is fairly new to the US although it's been around for quite some time.  I didn't know much about it before, but after reading about it and researching it, I'm tempted to give it a try myself. The Dukan Diet is the brainchild of French doctor, Dr. Pierre Dukan, MD, who has over 35 years of experience in clinical nutrition. Around a decade ago, Dr. … [Read more...]